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Daily Bible readings
21 May
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This is a scheme for systematic reading through the Bible, devised by the Scottish minister Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843). In one year, it goes through the New Testament (plus Psalms, less Revelation) twice, and the rest of the Bible once.

Every morning at about eight o'clock London time, the day's readings are posted to this journal automatically. If you'd like these in your friends list, simply click on the "add friend" icon above. You're encouraged to add comments to the posts, discussing the passages.

This journal is maintained by marnanel; suggestions are welcomed. Special thanks to firinel for suggesting the idea.

Some related sites:
A page about McCheyne.
The whole plan in one page, plus McCheyne's introduction.
Don Carson has written two fine books of devotional commentary based around the plan: volume 1, volume 2.